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1 product

Our collection of bamboo lamps: The alliance of nature and elegance


A perfect mix between Scandinavian design and the nature trend, our collection of bamboo lamps evokes a warm and cozy atmosphere. Thoughtfully crafted, these natural bamboo lamps have been designed to bring a touch of sparkle and charm to any room in your home. 🏡

Bamboo table lamps for a unique style


Want to create an interior decoration that is out of the ordinary? Our bamboo table lamps are there for that! With their rustic but modern style, they sit gracefully on a bedside table, desk or console. They diffuse a soft light, ideal for a relaxing atmosphere or to illuminate your favorite reading. 📖

The bamboo table lamp: an essential decorative accessory

The bamboo table lamp is undoubtedly a functional decorative object that resists the years. It is the perfect luminaire for those looking to introduce a delicate and decorative lighting ambiance into their interior design. You can even place it as an accent lamp on a coffee table to create a chic and natural focal point. 🎍

A ceiling light for a bright atmosphere

A bamboo pendant light always has an effect! 🚀 With its light and ethereal look, this type of lighting has the power to transform any space into a chic and stylish place. Whether simple or complicated, natural colored or painted, each bamboo ceiling light in our collection promises to elegantly illuminate your interior.

The bamboo floor lamp for an exotic touch

Desire to escape? Our bamboo floor lamps will brighten up your daily life! Perfect in a living room, bedroom or even an entryway, our floor lamps will certainly elevate your decor. They diffuse a warm light, ideal for a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. 🌴

The bamboo lampshade: A fusion of tradition and modernity


Our range of bamboo lampshades is here to add style to your interior decoration. Placed on a table lamp or pendant light, the bamboo lampshade creates a unique play of light and shadow making each room in your home a warm and welcoming space. 🔅

LED bulbs for all our bamboo lamps

Combine modern technology with a natural aesthetic with our collection of bamboo lamps that use LED bulbs. Economical and both bright, LED bulbs offer a lighting solution that perfectly complements the design of our lamps. 💡

Between nature and light, contemporary design and Loft spirit, our collection of bamboo lamps has it all! 🎊 Whether you like modern style or prefer the charm of vintage design, our bamboo lamps are for you. Don't wait any longer, adopt the chic bamboo lamp in your home today! 🎁

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