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759 products

759 products

🔮Black lighting collection: transform your home with our unique selection

In the field of interior design, lighting plays a major role. With our collection of black lighting fixtures, you have a unique opportunity to redefine your space. From designer black metal pendant lights to contemporary style chandeliers, all are characterized by their deep and elegant black color, offering warm and cozy lighting.

Black Ceiling Lights: Elegance in Height

If you're looking for a stylish lighting solution for low ceilings or simply want to add a contemporary touch to any room, take a look at our range of black ceiling lights . They are designed to provide optimal lighting while being a distinctive decorative element.

Black light fixture

Matte black lighting: an elegant industrial touch 🖤

Nothing gives a better industrial accent to your home than a matte black light fixture. We offer a wide range of industrial lighting, from loft-style floor lamps to black metal pendant lights, all showcasing timeless industrial design. They are perfect for illuminating your dining table or creating a warm atmosphere in your bedroom.

Light on the Walls: Black Wall Lights

For those who want to highlight the walls while providing appropriate brightness, our black wall lights are the ideal solution. They combine functionality and aesthetics to enhance any space.

Designer lighting fixtures in black metal: where innovation meets elegance 🖤

If you are looking for lighting that combines innovation and elegance, our designer black metal lighting fixtures stand out. From the industrial bell-shaped pendant light to the minimalist table lamp, each light fixture is a unique design piece, bringing soft lighting to your interior.

Black Chandeliers: Majestuosity and Radiance

A black chandelier is much more than just a light source; it's a style statement. Whether for an entrance hall or above your dining room table, our chandeliers will bring a touch of sophistication to your interior.

Discover our black pendant lighting collection: For warm lighting 🖤

Opt for our black metal pendant lights, ideal for the dining room or kitchen, to infuse your home with warm and enchanting brightness. Discover our matte black chandeliers for a touch of sophistication, or our ideal hanging LED bulbs for an eco-responsible approach to your lighting.

Designer black pendant lights: For a sublime ambiance

Do you want to give your rooms a sublime atmosphere? Browse our range of designer black pendant lights, from the rectangular wall light to the famous ball pendant light, for lighting that elegantly highlights every detail of your interior decoration.

Black pendant light

Black Lamps: Enhance Every Surface

Every table or desk deserves to be highlighted by a beautiful lamp. Our collection of black lamps offers the perfect balance between modern design and efficient lighting, ensuring that every space shines in the best way.

Black metal pendant lights: lighting for every room

Whether for the bedroom, living room or kitchen, discover our black metal pendant lights that enhance every room in your home. From a modern pendant light for the bedroom, to an industrial chandelier perfect for the kitchen, each black light fixture offers comfortable and warm lighting to the room.

Black Floor Lamps: Elegance and Vertical Functionality

For those looking to add a vertical light source to a reading nook or living room, our black floor lamps are a great option. They combine stylish design and functionality, making them a must-have in any modern home.

Variety of black lighting fixtures: Find the style that suits you best🌟

Whether you are looking for a black pendant light to illuminate your dining room table, a bedside lamp to soften the lighting in your bedroom, or an industrial pendant light to give a loft touch to your interior, our variety of black lights will meet your needs. your needs and reflect your style.

LED lighting in black: Eco-responsible and sustainable lighting!💡

Environmentally friendly and economical, our black LED bulb lamps are the perfect option for lovers of modern, clean design. From the LED filament pendant lamp to the modern black metal LED pendant light, each of our black LED lamps offers vibrant, long-lasting light, adding depth to your interior design.

Black table lights: Light up your workspace in style!🎈

Our selection of black table lamps offers soft and precise lighting, perfect for highlighting your desk or bedside table. Whether you prefer a black metal table lamp or a Scandinavian-style table lamp, each of our black table lamps will add a touch of elegance to your space.

From LED lighting to black metal pendant lights: The choice is varied and unique 🎉

Even the most ordinary room can be transformed with the right lighting. Our black metal pendant lights, industrial style chandeliers, and LED bulb lamps are just a few examples of the incredible diversity of our collection. Add the finishing touch to your decor with a black light fixture.

Many of our black fixtures feature E27 bases, allowing easy integration into your existing lighting system. And if you prefer rustic to contemporary, don't forget to take a look at our bronze table lamps or our aged steel chandeliers. No matter your choice, we're confident you'll find something perfect for your home in our collection.

Personalize your home with our beautiful assortment of black lighting fixtures. With our competitive prices and beautiful designs, it's never been easier to transform a home into a space you'll love. Explore the collection today and find your new favorite lighting fixture.

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Black light fixture

Black Lighting FAQs

What is a black light fixture?

A black luminaire is a lighting fixture in which most or all of its structure is black in color. These can be pendant lights, table lamps, wall lights, etc.

Why choose a black light fixture for my interior decoration?

Black lighting fixtures bring an elegant and modern touch to a space. They can also highlight other decorative elements and provide a beautiful contrast, especially in light rooms.

Are black lighting fixtures suitable for all interior styles?

Although black lighting fixtures are often associated with modern or industrial interiors, they can fit into a variety of styles depending on their design.

Does black color absorb more heat?

In general, black objects absorb more heat. However, it will not significantly affect your room temperature with a black fixture, especially if it uses LED bulbs.

What type of bulb is best for black fixtures?

It depends on the desired effect. LED bulbs are ideal for an eco-friendly solution, while filament bulbs can give a vintage look.

Can I install my black light fixture myself?

If you have some electrical experience, you can install your light fixture. Otherwise, it is best to call a professional to ensure a secure installation.

Do black lighting fixtures require special maintenance?

No, but like all light fixtures, they may require regular dusting to maintain their shine.

Will the black color of my light fixture fade over time?

With quality materials, the black color should remain intact. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight or harsh elements could affect the color over time.

Are there any special precautions to take with black lighting fixtures?

Just as with other lighting fixtures, it is essential to ensure they are securely attached and away from areas of water or moisture to avoid short circuits.

Where can I find layout ideas for black light fixtures in my home?

You can explore decoration magazines, specialist websites or consult an interior designer for personalized advice.