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    32 products

    As the main interior lighting, you should choose a blue ceiling light. A powerful light source, it can propagate light effectively if you put it in the right place. A good choice of lighting color can influence your daily well-being in a positive way and create the atmosphere that everyone passing through your home will need. For the rest, we will therefore give some reasons for choosing a blue ceiling light and present some models. 

    Why choose a blue ceiling light?

    We know that each color has a certain meaning. To spread tranquility or freshness, the color blue is surely the most appropriate. In many cultures, it is synonymous with peace and has great spiritual significance. In addition, it even seems that using lighter tones of the color blue could make the room more spacious. 

    To accentuate the colors of the rooms in your house and add a touch of sparkle, such a ceiling light is essential. Whether it's blue pendant lights that hang elegantly from your ceiling or blue flush-mount models, a ceiling light will always add a decorative touch to your room as well as a feeling of calm and serenity. Whether you have a warm or cold decor, this blue ceiling light will always fit in perfectly and complement your furniture. Additionally, it can be used to refresh pre-existing neutral lights in your home without taking up their place. You will be able to make your space more welcoming while enjoying the fact that it is more chic and classic. Blue is reminiscent of the sky and is a color rooted in luxury. Indeed, blue paint was quite rare in ancient times and having enough to cover a ceiling indicated great wealth. If we go back even further, we see that blue wasn't even an option for cave decorators. 

    How to choose it?

    To choose your blue ceiling light, you will first need to define the room in which you will place it. You will therefore need to take into account parameters such as the size, design of the room, and the level of natural lighting. For example, if you need to place this tool in large rooms such as a living room or party room, you will need to choose a model that has several bulbs. If, on the other hand, it must be placed in an office, a bedroom or a bathroom, be aware that more than three bulbs will have an effect contrary to what you want. Rooms benefiting from natural lighting can accommodate this type of tool provided that it is installed with the aim of accompanying this light already present. You should not try to make it disappear at the risk of ruining everything. For style, you can adopt the cozy one for the bedrooms, the classic one for the offices, a colorful one for the kitchen because food in good colors is more appetizing. And finally for large rooms, a contemporary or even industrial style will suffice. 

    There are a few calculation rules to get the right proportions for your ceiling light. You will just have to multiply the surface area of ​​the room by three to obtain the diameter of the ceiling light that suits it. Concerning the height, they must be placed more than 2m from the ground so as not to dazzle entrants or those already in the room too much. In addition, placing them at a good height allows you to light up the entire room and allow everyone to enjoy your jewelry, which is surely an object of your pride. 

    Presentation of some models of blue ceiling lights

    Here we are going to show you some blue ceiling light models that we liked and with which you can start if you don't have any ideas yet. 

    • The Chrome Designer Ceiling Light

    Elegant and refined, this type of modern ceiling light very often has a metal canvas surrounding glass beads. And the direct consequence is that the light that is emitted appears less dazzling and gives a more uniform effect. This way you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your space. 

    • Blue glass pendant lights

    Glass has this ability to reveal light. Very trendy in winter, these pendant lights allow you to cultivate an eye for detail and gently illuminate your rooms. If you want to impress your visitors, this is the opportunity to replace them. 

    • Blue children's lighting

    If you have children, know that you still have a good reason to opt for a blue ceiling light which you can also put in their bedrooms. On the internet, you can obtain models dedicated to the Marvel universe and bring your little ones' heroes home. There are models for boys and girls. 

    Which blue ceiling light technology to choose?

    The ceiling lights have adapted very well over time. Thanks to the combination of light and technology, new creations have emerged and are all the rage. If you have already heard of LED technology, know that in electric ceiling lights, it is what will dominate the market. It replaces halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. Not respecting the environment, some of these models are destined to disappear completely. In addition, if you plan to reduce the amount of your electricity bills, you know what to do. A blue LED ceiling light uses on average six times less energy than an incandescent bulb. Combining useful and pleasant, this technology allows you to move towards sustainable development. 

    Ultimately, whether for your comfort, for your resentment or even for respect for your environment, a blue colored ceiling light will be appropriate. It adapts perfectly to any type of room and allows you to create a simple and luxurious atmosphere at the same time. Depending on the model you choose, you will be able to enjoy more or less charm and the admiration of your different guests. Don't hesitate to place one in your home and let us know what you're up to. 

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