Brass pendant light

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100 products

Discover our impressive collection of brass pendants, a fusion of style and sophistication

Enhance your interior with our vast range of brass pendant lights, a true alliance between functionality and aesthetics. Brass, a noble and versatile material, brings a touch of timeless charm to every interior. It symbolizes elegance and sophistication, becoming a real decorative object in its own right, for all styles and budgets.

Whether it's a vintage chandelier hanging above the dining table, a designer pendant lamp in the bedroom or an industrial pendant adorning the living room ceiling, our selection of brass pendant lights offers a diverse range of styles. Each of them will bring a unique atmosphere to your interior, creating a warm and welcoming space.

Scandinavian design combines wonderfully with brass, giving your room a modern and minimalist look. Black metal and the aged look of brass provide an irresistible industrial aesthetic. For a more classic approach, opt for a brass pendant light with baroque details. Brass pendant lights are not just sources of light, they are a statement of your style and personality.

Pendant lights for every room in your home

Every room in your home deserves lighting that harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings. Whether for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room or bedroom, a well-chosen brass pendant light can radically transform the ambiance of the room.

For soft, relaxing lighting in the bedroom, opt for a brass pendant light with lampshade. LED bulbs provide efficient lighting and a soothing atmosphere. For your kitchen, an industrial-style brass pendant light will bring a touch of modernity while providing direct lighting on your island or kitchen table. In the living room, a hanging brass chandelier will create a real centerpiece, attracting attention and diffusing warm light throughout the room.

The diversity of designs

Our brass pendant lights come in a multitude of designs, from minimalist to ornate. Lovers of modern design will be seduced by our pendants with clean lines and geometric shapes, while aficionados of vintage style will appreciate the patina and intricate details of our more traditional models.

We also offer brass pendants combined with other materials for a more contemporary look. Brass and glass are a popular combination, providing a perfect balance between the luster of metal and the transparency of glass. For an extra touch of elegance, choose a brass and crystal pendant light that will sparkle with a thousand lights.

The flexibility of brass pendants

Flexibility is another remarkable feature of our brass pendants. Many models are height adjustable, allowing you to adjust the suspension to your liking. Whether you have a high or low ceiling, our brass pendant lights will adapt to it. Additionally, some of our pendant lights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to your needs and mood.

The importance of details

The details make all the difference. Whether it's a cone-shaped lampshade, a satin finish or a colored cable, every detail counts. We ensure that each brass pendant light in our collection is crafted with the greatest care, ensuring a high quality end product. Each pendant light is a true work of art, providing an unparalleled lighting experience.


Whatever ambiance you're looking to create, our range of brass pendant lights offer a solution for every interior. With a huge range of designs, materials and styles, you're sure to find the pendant light that suits your needs and tastes. Also discover our range of copper pendant lights for another elegant alternative.

With our extensive collection of brass pendant lights, add a touch of elegance to your home. Transform every room into a unique and comfortable space. Explore our selection and be inspired by our exquisite range of brass pendant lights. Your home is just waiting for it.

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