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1017 products

1017 products

Light Spot Collection: Illuminate with style


Welcome to our spotlight collection, an exceptional assortment of lighting solutions that highlight every room with radiant brightness. Our selection includes a variety of options, from innovative LED spotlights to designer lighting fixtures, providing you with chic upgrades to jazz up your interior. Browse through our range of spotlights to get the perfect combination of functionality and style for your decor.


Design Light Spots: Make way for elegance


Our designer light spots promise not only exceptional performance, but also impeccable aesthetics. We have unique and modern designs, adjustable or fixed, recessed or surface-mounted, nickel-plated or chrome-plated, on supports such as the ceiling light, rail or ceiling, which blend easily into your interior decoration. With a color palette ranging from warm white to brushed chrome hues, you're sure to find what suits your space best.


Extra-Flat and Energy Saving: The best compromises


These light spots are more than elegant. They are designed to be discreet, extra-flat for low energy consumption while maximizing their brightness. Our LED spotlights guarantee optimal lighting with low energy consumption, fewer Watts means more lumens. In addition, they have a long lifespan, which allows you to save energy in the long term. You will only be able to appreciate their quality/price ratio.


LED Light Spots: Innovation at the service of lighting


Exploit LED technology in all its splendor with our collection of LED light spots. Our lighting fixtures use LEDs, halogens or even compact fluorescents for an unparalleled lighting experience. You can opt for an integrated motion detector or fluorescent lighting for optimal illumination. In addition, you have the choice between an LED bulb, a halogen bulb or a fluorescent for the type of light that suits your decor. Cool white, neutral white or warm light are chosen depending on the desired color temperature.


Define your spaces with custom Brightness


Are you looking for a spotlight to improve your work surface, a table lamp or a spotlight track to illuminate your office? Do you need a spotlight in your bathroom with an appropriate protection index or an adjustable spotlight to highlight a specific decor? Our selection of dimmable LEDs gives you total control over the light intensity and white color for each space.


Intelligent Light Spots: Illumination activated by detection


Discover modern interior lighting that responds to your movements with our selection of smart light spots. These spotlights, equipped with motion detectors, offer an efficient and safe lighting solution, turning on automatically when they detect a presence. Perfect for areas requiring instant illumination such as corridors or the exterior of a property. You can opt for standard or low voltage electrical installation depending on your preferences.


LEDs suitable for Interior and Exterior


Whether you want robust LED lighting for outdoors or a spot light for indoors, our range of smart light spots will meet all your needs. With a choice of durable, waterproof spotlights with a high protection rating, suitable for damp locations or softer light for low-light rooms, we have everything you need.


Dive into our collection of spotlights, all chosen for their unrivaled quality, advanced functionality and attractive design, for indoors or outdoors, each has its own specificity. Everything you are looking for is within your reach.

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