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500 products

Why install a chandelier in a room?

Are you looking for a good way to light up your home in style? Opt for a luxury chandelier! It is the best indoor lighting in terms of reliability and design. It can pleasantly illuminate your room by diffusing even light. Then, it can also bring a touch of elegance and majesty to your decoration. Discover all the reasons to install a luxury chandelier in your home!

The chandelier constitutes a real decorative element

Usually suspended from the ceiling via a cable, the chandelier is a source of lighting which is mainly used to illuminate a room. It stands out for its numerous arms and is often set with crystals, glasses or domes.

Its multitude of light points makes it an effective and sublime luminaire. In addition, it is available in different models on the market today, including: large designer chandeliers, metal chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, multi-colored chandeliers, aluminum chandeliers and glass chandeliers.

In other words, this type of lighting allows you to display different styles: classic, industrial, Scandinavian, art deco, vintage, modern, etc. And it can constitute a real decorative element for your interior.

The chandelier adapts to all rooms

What is advantageous about the luxury chandelier is the fact that it can adapt to all rooms. It is true that it is used on a large scale in luxurious and extravagant settings. But, you can also install it at home, in your living room as well as in your bedroom, in your entrance or in your kitchen.

In fact, this kind of light fixture can transform simple rooms into large, luxurious spaces. It enhances the decoration of a room while making it more fascinating and more convivial. Then, it can perfectly match your furniture and it can also be combined with other lighting sources to accentuate the visual impact.

The luxury chandelier is a timeless light fixture

Furthermore, know that the luxury chandelier is a timeless light fixture. It already existed and was widely used in ancient times, at the time of Kings and until now, it is still one of the trendy lighting sources.

You can find it in almost all modern buildings and exceptional buildings, especially in architect-designed houses, large hotels, reception rooms, restaurants and centers. Then, you can also find them in private homes and apartments, both in large rooms and in small rooms.

The chandelier diffuses optimal and homogeneous light

When it comes to efficiency, the chandelier diffuses optimal and homogeneous light. It spreads light all around the room thanks to its circular structure and it is adjustable in height to match the height of the ceiling.

Aside from that, it can be equipped with incandescent filament bulbs to provide you with warm and soothing light. Otherwise, it can also work with LED bulbs to allow you to consume less electricity.

The chandelier is sustainable lighting

One of the advantages of the luxury chandelier is also its durability. It is precisely a luminaire that you can use for several years. It requires very little maintenance and is not affected by heat or wear.

Models made of crystal beads, for example, do not fade and can maintain their shape and appearance even in extreme conditions. They hang from the ceiling, so you don't have to worry about bumps and breaks.

However, you must clean them regularly to remove dust and insect traces that accumulate on their surfaces. Then, you also need to change the bulbs when necessary.

The chandelier is an easy to install pendant light

To install a chandelier on the ceiling, there is nothing simpler. You must first turn off the power or power to the existing lighting source. Then, you must dismantle it and ensure that the electrical installation is visible.

Here, you should remember that there are two types of electrical installation: either it is an old installation where only the electrical wires come out of the ceiling, or it is a more recent installation where the Recessed electrical circuits open into connection boxes or DCL boxes with threaded rods.

In the first case, you must use a specific fixing to install the luxury chandelier; while in the second case, you can go straight through the connection phase.

To install a fixing system, you must drill your ceiling with a concrete drill bit. Then, you must insert and tighten the suspension pin while ensuring that its wings spread far enough apart to facilitate blocking.

After this operation, you can connect the luminaire by lightly stripping the wires and connecting them to the quick connector or by connecting them to the dedicated terminal block of the DCL box. Then, you must reassemble the cable cover or clip the DCL socket plug into the cover to benefit from a more aesthetic finish.

Finally, the last step is to test your connections. Screw in the bulbs and turn the power back on to make sure everything is working properly.

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