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    27 products

    Fauvex: discover our contemporary chandelier offers

    Who doesn't dream of having a luxurious and modern home? With contemporary Fauvex chandeliers, put an end to dark and poorly decorated rooms. Your home will gain in brightness and elegance. Then, it will also become more user-friendly and more stylish.

    We only offer lighting of the best quality, functionality and design. Our products can perfectly meet your expectations, since our goal is to give you complete satisfaction.

    What are the strong points of Fauvex contemporary chandeliers?

    If Fauvex contemporary chandeliers appeal to many consumers, it is because they have interesting characteristics. They stand out from other products offered online and in physical lighting stores by their well-thought-out design and their attractive price. Discover the particularities of our contemporary lighting fixtures.

    Very good quality chandeliers

    Fauvex contemporary chandeliers are generally made from good materials such as metal, acrylic or glass. They are particularly robust and require very little maintenance. They are not likely to fade or change over time. They are not easily damaged and have a long lifespan.

    Reliable and functional chandeliers

    Our contemporary chandeliers are reliable and functional. They can illuminate your room as a whole by providing general lighting. Then, they can also play the role of targeted lighting dedicated to illuminating a particular area.

    It is true that some of our luminaires are not supplied with bulbs, but they guarantee good light output and also warmth and comfort.

    Versatile chandeliers

    What is also advantageous with Fauvex contemporary chandeliers is the fact that they can be installed in all types of rooms. These are versatile lights that you can place in your living room as well as in your dining room, in your kitchen or in your bedroom. They can even equip businesses, including restaurants, hotels and any other establishment that welcomes the public.

    Trendy and modern chandeliers

    Who says contemporary says trendy, modern and fashionable. Our contemporary chandeliers reflect current trends. They are displayed with the shapes, details, colors and finishes most popular in the 21st century.

    They are perfectly suited to interiors that favor the contemporary or modern style of decoration, in particular houses with large, bright spaces open to the outside. Then, they can also harmonize with minimalist decorations with clean lines.

    Chandeliers of all kinds

    Furthermore, please note that different models of contemporary chandeliers are available at Fauvex. You can find both small and large models.

    You can also discover simple lighting fixtures in our catalog such as pendant lights equipped with a single light source.

    And finally, you can also find sophisticated lighting fixtures such as: the contemporary chandelier with 6 white lamps, the contemporary chandelier with several LED neon lights, the contemporary chandelier with 5 balls, the contemporary chandelier with tassels, the contemporary octopus chandelier, the contemporary chandelier bouquet of flowers, the contemporary Italian-style chandelier and the contemporary chandelier with several candlesticks.

    Chandeliers of different colors

    When it comes to color, most contemporary Fauvex chandeliers are gold in color. But you can also find white models, silver models, black models and brown models.

    You can even discover models with two or three colors like the contemporary neon black and gold chandelier and the contemporary chandelier with blue and pink beads.

    Designer and luxurious chandeliers

    Thanks to our contemporary chandeliers, you can personalize the decoration of your rooms. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can bring an elegant, luxurious and majestic touch to your home. They can also help you create a particular atmosphere in your home: a friendly, dynamic and welcoming atmosphere.

    Easy to install chandeliers

    The other significant advantage of Fauvex contemporary chandeliers is their ease of installation. These are indeed ready-to-install luminaires delivered with fixing accessories and a small instruction manual.

    They are fixed in place of your old ceiling lighting fixtures and can be easily connected to a traditional electrical installation or to an electrical installation with a DCL box.

    If you have some DIY skills, you can install it yourself. If necessary, you must call on a professional and entrust the task to them.

    Cheap chandeliers

    Finally, we must not forget that Fauvex contemporary chandeliers are not expensive. You can acquire them at affordable prices. In fact, we are committed to offering you lighting at good value for money. This is why we offer cheap products and also promo codes.

    Our price reductions are really interesting, since they can reach -59%. However, you are advised not to take too long to decide, as our stocks are limited.

    Fauvex chandelier: our new products

    Fauvex never stops releasing new products to follow trends and respond to new customer demands. On this section, for example, many new contemporary chandeliers are presented to you by the brand, original and innovative chandeliers that may surprise you.

    The contemporary chandelier in gold and black metal

    The contemporary chandelier in gold and black metal is a very fascinating recent model. It convinces with its contemporary design and brilliant details. It also stands out with its matching gold and black colors and it can be installed above a dining room table as well as above a kitchen worktop, in the living room or in the bedroom. to sleep.

    Thanks to its 3/5/6 bulb, this Fauvex luminaire can play the role of general lighting or targeted lighting. It offers a suspension length of 50 cm and is adjustable in height. Its price is currently experiencing a nice decrease of -59%. Hence its cost set at only 1,492 euros.

    The contemporary chandelier chandelier

    The contemporary Fauvex chandelier can also make you happy. It is a high-end, designer and ultra-efficient lighting fixture. It is ideal for brightening up your interior. In addition, it is made with metal and glass. So, it provides better wear resistance and a long service life.

    Its gold and white colors are also easy to combine with other colors and decoration themes and its bulbs make it particularly effective in illuminating your room. With its price reduced to -28%, you can make considerable savings if you choose it.

    The contemporary bouquet of flowers chandelier

    What if you replace your old boring light fixture with the contemporary bouquet of flowers chandelier? This model stands out for its graceful design. Contrary to popular belief, it is not specifically dedicated to the bedrooms of single or widowed women. It is very suitable for interiors inhabited by a couple or a family.

    Like the bouquets of flowers arranged in the vases as a decoration guide, this lighting fixture with the image of a bouquet of flowers can also bring a natural and zen atmosphere to your home. It can enhance your decor while reflecting your personality or passion.

    When it comes to price, you should know that this contemporary Fauvex chandelier can be purchased for only 205.90 euros. In fact, it is subject to a -30% price reduction. This allows you to equip your room at a lower cost and save some money.

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