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4 products

Designer and better quality floor lamps at Fauvex

Need soft, soothing light to illuminate your interior? Invest in the floor lamps and floor lamps offered by Fauvex. As a lighting specialist, we actually provide you with a special section dedicated to floor lamps.

You may be thinking: isn't "street lamp" the name of outdoor lighting generally installed by administrative authorities? Well, you should know that this same name is also used to designate new types of interior lighting which have a long base and which stand out for their fine size, their independence and their design.

Discover the particularities of Fauvex floor lamps and also some tips and tricks for making the right choice.

What are the particularities of Fauvex floor lamps?

Fauvex floor lamps are perfect for equipping your rooms. They can meet all your expectations thanks to their quality, design, reliability and very competitive price.

Better quality street lights

Fauvex floor lamps are precisely the fruit of the imagination of professional craftsmen. They are made from better quality materials. Hence their good resistance to wear and different influences and also their durability over time. This is the kind of light that can accompany you for several years. They don't get damaged easily and they don't change over time.

Beautiful and decorative floor lamps

Our floor lamps are also beautiful and decorative. Not only do they demonstrate the creativity of their manufacturers, but they come in different very designer models to surprise you.

Among others, you can find a vintage designer floor lamp , a designer floor lamp with tripod, a sleek designer floor lamp , an elegant designer floor lamp and a luxurious designer floor lamp . You can also discover a projector design floor lamp , a cocoon design floor lamp , an industrial design floor lamp and a plant design floor lamp .

These Fauvex floor lamps can bring style and ambiance to your room. They can also complement your other decorative items and make your interior more welcoming.

Efficient street lights

When it comes to reliability, there is nothing more functional than Fauvex floor lamps. They are equipped with a high-performance bulb capable of fulfilling its role of additional lighting. They also offer you the possibility of plunging into semi-darkness if you want to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere or if you want to stay in the dark to reflect on your life.

Space-saving floor lamps

What is also advantageous with our floor lamps is the fact that they take up little space. Given their slim size, they do not take up much space in your rooms, not to say that they know how to go unnoticed. This is the type of equipment to favor in a narrow room, in lofts and in small apartments.

Lightweight floor lamps

Furthermore, please note that Fauvex floor lamps are lightweight. You can transport and move them easily and effortlessly, thanks to their light weight. But their lightness does not rhyme with instability. Even if the wind blows very strongly and even in the event of percussion, they are not likely to fall or be damaged.

Street lamps at competitive prices

The last feature to raise is the affordable price of our floor lamps. Like all other Fauvex brand products, Fauvex floor lamps are also available at attractive prices.

You can find models in our catalog that cost less than 100 euros. Then, you can also discover floor lamps on sale or on clearance. In addition, you can benefit from inexpensive lighting if you decide to order them from Fauvex.

Tips and tricks for choosing a Fauvex floor lamp

Given the number of floor lamps offered on our pages, we can understand if you have difficulty finding the best Fauvex floor lamps and making a choice. In fact, the ideal is to consider the following criteria so as not to be disappointed.

The type of room to be lit

First of all, you must make your choice based on the type of room to equip.

If you want to place your floor lamp in your living room, you should choose a model with indirect and soft lighting. Otherwise, you may also be interested in a model with a straightener or a model around 2 m high.

If, on the other hand, you want to install your floor lamp in a dining room, you must opt ​​for an arched model approximately 1.60 m high, capable of illuminating your table and replacing a suspension lamp. The type of floor lamp to put in a bedroom is a reading model, that is to say a model which allows you to create a reading corner and which matches the armchair.

Of course, nothing stops you from installing a designer floor lamp in the entrance or in your hallway. For these locations, floor lamps equipped with a foot switch are more practical, as they can be turned on even if your hands are busy. Finally, in an office, there is nothing better than a floor lamp that diffuses bright and functional light.

The type of use envisaged

In addition to the type of room to be lit, you must also select your floor lamp according to the type of use envisaged.

For additional lighting, for example, you should choose a designer floor lamp with a lampshade in order to soften the glow of the bulb and to create a cozy atmosphere. For reading, you will need a reading floor lamp that spreads intense, directed light at the right height and at a specific location or angle.

At Fauvex, you can also find multi-light floor lamps, that is to say floor lamps equipped with several heads generally of reduced size. These models are excellent for lighting an important part of your room. Additionally, they are a decorative choice and sometimes have articulated arms that allow the bulbs to be directed to other areas.

The functionalities of the floor lamp

Before choosing a Fauvex floor lamp, remember to find out about its features. A designer floor lamp equipped with a light dimmer is very pleasant to use, because it allows you to adjust the intensity of the light provided by the sources.

A remotely controllable and programmable floor lamp is also very practical, because it allows you not to enter a dark house in the evening and not to move every time you have or no longer need light.

Finally, don't forget to look at the location of the power button. If the latter is located on the base or higher up, it can make your designer floor lamp easier to use.

The design of the floor lamp

When it comes to design, you can rely on your taste and preferences. Treat yourself by choosing the model that is magnificent in your eyes. There are no rules in terms of aesthetics.

As long as you know how to highlight the particularities of your floor lamp, it can shine in your room and bring character and style. Moreover, all our products are ultra designer. They have been designed and designed specifically to adorn your rooms.

The price of the floor lamp

The last criterion not to be neglected is the price of the designer floor lamp . Try to compare the prices of a few Fauvex floor lamps before placing your order to find the least expensive models.

It is true that all our products are available at discount prices, but by browsing our catalog you can discover floor lamps at incredible prices. And don’t delay in ordering! Some of our items are already sold out, as we sell limited stock lighting fixtures.

Also discover our selection of designer lamps for all rooms.

If this collection has captured your interest, then you will certainly be seduced by our magnificent Collection of Italian Design Floor Lamps .