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377 products

377 products

Fauvex: discover our collection of designer lamps

Are you looking for a designer lamp to equip your rooms? Well, don't quit! You are on the right page. Fauvex provides you with a very wide choice of interior lamps to meet all of your needs.

Specializing in lighting, we actually offer better quality, functional, stylish and inexpensive products. You can discover in our catalog everything you need to light and/or decorate your home.

Floor lamp

Fauvex floor lamps are designer lamps that you can place on a table, on a shelf or on a windowsill. They have perfect dimensions and they spread a good light intensity.

Their elegant and timeless style can bring character to your rooms. In addition, they come in different models to adapt to your needs.

Reading lamp

As their name suggests, Fauvex reading lamps are functional lamps specially dedicated to reading. They illuminate in a focused and precise manner and they are generally adjustable to give you greater comfort.

This is the ideal model if you like to read in bed before going to sleep. They are also suitable for you if you prefer to slide comfortably into your chair or if you tend to sit at your desk.

Thanks to their design, our reading lamps also make beautiful decorative objects. They can help you create a cozy atmosphere in your little reading corner.

Table lamp

Unlike pendant lamps and wall lamps, Fauvex table lamps can be installed on a piece of furniture, on the windowsill or on the fireplace. They guarantee an obvious decorative effect, thanks to their design and the direct light they project onto the support where they are placed.

Our table lamps also offer you discreet but effective additional lighting. They offer an important functional aspect. Then, they also stand out for their light weight and compact size.

Led lamp

At Fauvex, you can also discover different models of LED lamps. These luminaires combine a long lifespan, good energy efficiency, low consumption, electrical safety and non-polluting properties.

They can last around ten years. Which means they allow for less frequent purchases and replacements and can improve the profitability of your investment.

The efficiency of our LED lamps is significantly higher than that of conventional lamps. In addition, 90% of the energy consumed is transformed into light and only 10% is transformed into heat.

Our LED lamps also consume 9 times less energy than incandescent bulbs and 3 times less energy than so-called low consumption bulbs. Therefore, they allow you to make considerable savings and benefit from rapid amortization of your initial investment.

Operating at very low voltage, Fauvex LED lamps constitute an advantage for electrical safety in your home.

Finally, they also generate less impact on the environment, because they are completely recyclable and ecological. For your information, please note that LED lamps do not contain mercury or toxic materials. They can be considered non-hazardous waste.

Table lamp

Most of the lamps we offer in this section are table lamps. They are perfect for creating an area of ​​interest in a room and also lighting points contributing to the “cozy” atmosphere of it.

They come in a wide range of styles and are easy to install, as you just need to plug them into the nearest wall socket.

What also makes our table lamps interesting is the fact that they are of better quality. They are made by lighting and decoration professionals using very good materials. Then, these are also designer lamps given their pretty appearance and their beautiful finishes.

Designer lamps for every room in the house

Fauvex designer lamps are available in different models to illuminate and decorate all rooms in the house without distinction. You can find in this section both living room lamps and kitchen table lamps, bedside lamps for bedrooms, dining room table lamps and desk lamps.

In fact, our goal is to give you complete satisfaction. All you have to do is define the type of room you want to equip and we will help you find the designer lamp you need.

Patterned lamps

What would you also say about Fauvex patterned lamps? If you are looking for original lamps, you can find what you are looking for in this section. There is something for all tastes and desires.

For technology enthusiasts, models like the projector lamp, speaker lamp and speaker lamp can do the trick. And for wildlife lovers, models with animal motifs such as unicorn lamp, monkey lamp, elephant lamp and dog lamp are perfect.

Fauvex also offers very decorative pineapple lamps if you particularly like fruit. And finally, don't forget the colorful children's lamps that you can install in your children's room to please them.

Themed lamps vintage industrial art deco classic modern

What could be better than our thematic lamps to guarantee harmonious decoration in your room? If your furniture and equipment are indeed vintage style, you can combine them with our vintage designer lamps. And the same goes if your furniture and equipment is industrial style. You can complement them with our industrial design lamps.

At Fauvex you can even order modern lamps, oriental-style lamps, natural lamps and classic lamps. All decoration themes have been considered by our manufacturers in order to satisfy you.

Lamps of different materials

If you tend to choose your domestic lighting based on their manufacturing materials, big surprises await you at Fauvex.

Steel lamps, glass lamps, acrylic lamps, fabric lampshades, brass lamps, wooden lamp, bamboo lamp, metal lamp, ceramic lamp, aluminum lamp, ... Everything you are looking for to illuminate and adorn your rooms is at your disposal so that you do not leave empty-handed.

Lamps of different colors

Having a designer lamp is good, but having a designer lamp with pretty colors is better. Our white, black and gray fixtures are ideal if you are looking for neutral colored lamps. And our colorful lighting fixtures like the sky blue bedside lamp, brown table lamp, gold table lamp and red designer lamp are excellent for energizing your room and bringing a little color.

Of course, you can also choose the color of your Fauvex lamp depending on the color that dominates your rooms. This way you can create a beautiful harmony there.

Cheap lamps

Finally, know that our designer lamps offer good value for money. They can be considered better quality products, or even premium products, while they are offered at affordable prices.

You can buy one for less than 100 euros. Then, you can also find many items on sale in this section. So don't hesitate any longer! Order your designer lamp now from Fauvex!

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