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222 products

What is your vision of the ideal dining room? It is clear that these days, the dining room is no longer just a space for sharing a meal. It offers many more things than before through various axes. Whether we're talking about style, space or lighting, it has been revisited over time. However, several types of lighting fixtures can be installed, only the ceiling light is the subject of our attention. It is important for us to understand its role in a dining room. As well as the important points to take into account for its installation followed by the advantages and disadvantages.

The ceiling light

Finally to explain in a simple way what a ceiling light is, it is a light fixture that is attached to the ceiling. The primary objective with this type of luminaire is a general provision of light throughout the room. Unlike a floor lamp which only diffuses light where it is placed. It is possible to install this light fixture in the following rooms: a bedroom, a hallway, a bathroom, a toilet, a pantry, a kitchen, a dining room.

For us, it's this presence in a dining room that matters to us. Because for a good arrangement of the latter, points must be respected.

Where and how to place a ceiling light in a dining room?

The ideal regarding the arrangement of a ceiling light regardless of the room is to fix it in the center. There are two options when it comes to plugging it in. To know :

  • Install a suspension pin or alternatively use one already present
  • Install a DCL box

However, whatever option you choose, you will always need to make sure that the electrical wires are nearby. We are talking here about a few centimeters of the suspension ankle.

The advantages of a ceiling light in a dining room

The fact that the latter is directly fixed is a huge advantage. Because it offers a huge space saving unlike lighting fixtures such as chandeliers. The latter for certain models can even be recessed into the ceiling. In the event that your choice falls on a large model, its maximum height rarely exceeds 40 cm . So none of your movements during dinner will be hindered. The fact that it is not suspended allows you to avoid hitting your head on it.

Apart from being a lighting device, the ceiling light also stands out as an excellent decorative asset. Its presence in your usually empty ceiling gives it a fresh look. These come in various shapes, materials and colors. This is to offer you interior decorations for your dining room that are ever more chic and trendy.

The ceiling light has the particularity of adapting to any room, regardless of its size. We can therefore understand that even if your dining room is very large, it will be possible to find the appropriate ceiling light. Which will be large enough to fulfill its role as the main lighting of your dining room. Apart from that, it is modular to suit all tastes. Because a wide range with varied styles is available to satisfy you regardless of the design style chosen.

As the last of these assets we can talk about its price. Compared to other suspensions or chandeliers, it remains relatively affordable. You can find ceiling lights with excellent design for less than 50 euros. Unlike other lighting fixtures such as wall lights or chandeliers which start from around a hundred euros.

The disadvantages of a ceiling light in a dining room

The ceiling light beyond its advantages also has some disadvantages:

  • If the ceiling light has a fairly low height, it is very likely to go unnoticed. However, although ceiling lights are both lighting fixtures and decorative elements, they are less impressive and imposing compared to chandeliers. It is therefore clear that a small ceiling light is not sufficient to guarantee a unique design for your dining room.
  • It is a shame that the installation of this luminaire is not suitable for all ceilings. Because it will be necessary to drill holes in the ceiling. These will be used to fix the base, there are often between 2 or 4 of them.

How to choose a ceiling light for a dining room?

Regardless of the room chosen, two criteria are essential when choosing a ceiling light. We are talking here about the size of the room to be lit as well as the nature of the lighting.

The type of lighting

Many types of lighting are available on the market. The most common are incandescent ones followed by halogen ones.

Incandescent lighting is not very suitable for rooms like the dining room. It is more ideal to opt for halogen lighting. The latter offers instant lighting as well as a constant and general supply of light in the room. LED and energy-saving bulbs are also very ideal for this type of room.

The size of the room

The size of the room to be lit, as previously mentioned, is the second important element when choosing our ceiling light. Logically, the dimensions of the ceiling light must be adapted to that of the room to be lit. When it comes to a room like the dining room, it will be wise to opt for a large ceiling light. If you are into trendy design, aim for XXL ceiling lights for sublime decoration.

Keep in mind, however, that for areas of less than 10 m², opt for diameters between 30 and 40 cm. This of course if your ceiling light is round and XXL sizes for more than 20 m².

In short, we understand that the ceiling light is a light with many advantages for a dining room. It allows you to offer it a new environment thanks to its lighting and a certain comfort. It adapts perfectly to new technologies and contemporary design for ever more chic and trendy dining rooms.

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