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676 products

The living room, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and many other rooms in homes all need lighting to avoid walking in the dark and ending up bumping into the foot against a sofa or wall. As a result, the Fauvex brand, through its Dining Room Lighting collection, has given itself the main role of manufacturing special chandeliers for dining rooms. We therefore understand that this collection has a penchant for objects that can light up this room. Following this article, we will obviously present this brand specifically focusing on this collection, and after having made a clear and detailed presentation of its different models, we will end with the advantages and disadvantages of it.

· General presentation of the Fauvex brand

The French company Fauvex is a company that has existed for several years and has emerged in the manufacturing of lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights, etc. The brightness that emerges from the objects she makes sometimes brings a touch of softness and tenderness to the different rooms in which they are installed.

Generally, the Fauvex brand is considered a brand that inspires all decoration lovers. It should also be noted that this company produces a range of chandelier models. Most of them are made so that they need to be hung in a room.

In order to satisfy its customers and to always be at the forefront of fashion, the latter puts together numerous collections which, through their originality, manage to conquer the hearts of many people. We can cite a few of these:

  • Wooden pendant light: here, we highlight the wooden chandeliers that we hang in rooms
  • Rustic lighting: this collection focuses more on the manufacturing of rural chandeliers;
  • Children's bedroom lighting: here, we work on lamps and chandeliers with a design and patterns for children;
  • Vintage lighting: this collection manufactures lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights and wall sconces from times gone by. That is to say, which were previously appreciated, but over time have lost their values. However, in the contemporary world, they have returned and become a big trend;
  • Dining room lighting: this one only highlights dining room chandeliers.

· Presentation of the Dining room lighting collection

The Dining room lighting collection was created by the Fauvex brand and is dedicated to the manufacture of chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights. Please note that all the lighting objects in this collection have been specially designed for dining rooms. However, we see on its online sales site that there is a certain exception regarding rooms such as the kitchen and the living room, but the room that dominates is obviously the dining room.

With this collection, Fauvex enjoyed enormous success. We can explain this development by the fact that it presents objects that are quite special and different from what we are used to seeing. Indeed, most of them are made by hand and by artisans. The latter use traditional techniques which are very old. There are several materials used. We therefore count: metal, aluminum, glass, wood, concrete etc. It is this set that ensures that dining room lighting makes significant profits.

The costs

Dining room lighting products do not have an exact price. In reality, it has a large number of models, and because of the different materials we mentioned above, the costs cannot be the same. Even so, thanks to the prices found on its website, we can say that the costs are between €30 and €900.

Payment method

With the Fauvex brand, everything becomes easy. In fact, it provides its customers with 3 payment agencies in which they can easily carry out their money transactions with the company. These agencies are: CB, Klarna and Paypal. In addition to this, 03 months of warranty are offered to you and you can benefit from free delivery if you make purchases over €100.

Presentation of the online sales site for dining room lighting

The website of this collection presents us with another world. To be more precise, when you open it, you first come across a multitude of colors, so black, white, and mustard yellow. But the first word we notice here is the name of the brand, followed by that of the collection: Dining room lighting. Then, we realize that there are several models presented and below each of them, we find a price and a name. Below, there is several information regarding this brand and its collection.

· The different models of dining room lighting

As we said above, this collection has several models, namely:

  • Original living room wall light: made of bamboo, this model is of unparalleled natural beauty;
  • Large black wire pendant: this lamp has a very pretty shape, and it fits well with traditional arrangements;
  • Modern ceiling light for dining room: this has several advantages such as its economical side, since it only consumes 12W,
  • Concrete wall light: made by craftsmen, it is ideal for dining rooms

· The advantages and disadvantages of dining room lighting


  • 03 month warranty
  • Absence of advertisements on its website
  • Diversity of models
  • It delivers to several European countries

The inconvenients

  • The delivery time is not specified on its website.
  • The only way to get free delivery is to make purchases over €100

The Dining room lighting collection from the Fauvex brand has enjoyed great success thanks to its numerous designs which are all so different from each other. We can also say that this company has established itself as a leader not only because it is dynamic, but also because it is ingenious.

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