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252 products

When it comes to dressing your ceiling and more generally rooms in your house, know that a chandelier is an essential element. Indeed, this decoration tool allows you not only to benefit from its decorative and elegant appearance but also from a pleasant light. With the ingenuity of today's designers and the number of such products available online, it is often difficult to choose a good chandelier. This is why in this article, we give you some elements that will allow you to find the most suitable chandeliers for decorating your rooms.

Types of glass suspension

There are so many chandelier shapes that it seems pointless to mention them all. But fortunately, the majority of glass chandeliers can be classified into the following types:

Crystal chandeliers

These are part of a classic decor. In addition to being functional lighting devices, they allow you to highlight the aesthetics and charm of interior decoration. Many manufacturers use quality materials so you can enjoy elegant crystal pendant lights. On the FAUVEX website, you have many concrete examples of these chandeliers and a real range between fixed and adjustable chandeliers, vintage or contemporary style. When we talk about crystals here, know that you will find colors that are not necessarily common. In fact, you will find black, black-gray and even yellow-gray glass.

ü Designer chandeliers

Often in brushed steel or chrome, these chandeliers are most often found with a stem rather than a chain. In a contemporary style, we are often used to using them in dining rooms or in larger spaces such as a living room. You can enhance the atmosphere of your home through thousands of existing models.

Murano chandeliers

Jewels of Italian lighting, these chandeliers are the result of the know-how of a few rare master glassmakers. If you are located in Italy, it is not further from Venice that you will find good manufacturers of this type of glass pendant light. Much more than just chandeliers, they are true works of art. They are made of Venetian glass which is renowned throughout the world for its elaboration and its particular coloring.

Brass chandeliers

Brass is an iron-free alloy made of zinc and copper and available in several proportions. Brass chandeliers are often associated with artisanal glassware. They allow you to keep traditional materials while adding a contemporary touch through original shapes and styles.

Bronze and iron fall into the same category as brass. They are often combined with glass to create pendant lights that you can place in the most important rooms of a targeted location. Speaking of location, we will then present the best places to place a glass pendant light.

Where to place a glass pendant light

We have already given some clues of where to place a glass pendant light and these related to the rooms of a house. In general, be aware that chandeliers can be placed in any room in your house except perhaps your grandchildren's bedroom. In fact, you can put it in the center of your living room so that it is the first thing your guests will see. This can directly give them an impression of luxury regarding your place of residence. Besides, placing it in your kitchen or dining room will have the same effect. If you also have a large enough room, a glass pendant light can change the atmosphere that often reigns in this type of room. Indeed, in addition to being a place of rest, you will be able to benefit from ambient and harmonious light. Favor large rooms when you place your chandeliers because they are the ones that best highlight them. Yes, the chandelier gives a certain personality to your room but this room should also meet a certain standard.

Still regarding the places where to place chandeliers, know that they are widely used in prestigious buildings, theaters and party rooms with high ceilings. In various shapes, these are often decorated with crystal pendants which allow light to be refracted throughout the room and increase clarity. For a wedding or a grandiose meeting, you can choose a room where this type of chandelier is found.

How to choose your glass pendant light

When choosing your glass pendant light, you will first need to define the room in which it will be placed. Indeed, parameters such as size, design, lighting level as well as the number and its style depend on the room in question. For example, if your chandelier is to be placed in a bedroom or office, it must have a maximum of 3 bulbs. For large rooms such as a living room, your chandelier will need to have several sockets. If the room is otherwise dark or has little natural lighting, you will need to choose a chandelier with several bulbs. Concerning the styles, you will have to choose a cozy style for the bedroom, a colorful one for the kitchen, an industrial or contemporary one for the living room and a classic one for the office. You can use this simple rule to choose good proportions for your chandeliers. Multiply the surface area of ​​the room by three to obtain a diameter suitable for the space. For a room of 30m2 for example, a model of around 90 cm will be sufficient. Regarding heights, you can place your chandeliers more than 2m from the ground, especially if they are rooms such as a living room where the chandelier will have a central place.

In short, having a chandelier in your home, workplace or elsewhere will always be synonymous with good aesthetic sensitivity. Indeed, this accessory makes your room comfortable and warm because yes, light is the key point that transforms your house into a pleasant home. It is important to know how to choose your chandelier and where to place it and thanks to our advice, we are convinced that you will know how to do it.

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