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13 products

FAUVEX: Find our selection of designer LED floor lamps to equip your interior

More than lighting, the LED floor lamp can bring character to your interior. Not only will it improve your comfort and well-being, but it will increase the ambiance and decoration. The models provided by FAUVEX, in particular, are very stylish, original and of better quality. They have been designed and designed specifically to meet all your expectations.

Additional lighting and ambient lighting

Generally considered as additional lighting, the designer LED floor lamp can complement your main lighting to accentuate the diffusion of light in a particular area.

You can place it anywhere in your home to create a functional reading corner. Otherwise, you can also use it to illuminate a particular piece of furniture, including your dining table, your sofa or your bed.

Of course, the designer LED floor lamp also constitutes ambient lighting par excellence. You can use it to create a zen and soothing atmosphere in your rooms. It is also the perfect accessory to bring an elegant and warm touch to your interior decoration.

A decorative light fixture

As mentioned above, designer LED floor lamps from FAUVEX are very decorative. They can enhance the style of your rooms by giving them character.

Wrought iron models, for example, can help you easily sport an industrial style and the sleek model with 3 small lampshades is ideal for creating a minimalist and modern style.

In addition, there is also the vintage living room floor lamp which recalls the look of equipment from the 60s and 70s. And finally, there is the chic living room floor lamp which can be installed in luxurious rooms.

A mobile and practical lamp

The other advantage of the designer LED floor lamp is also its mobility. You can move and transport it easily without having to unscrew or disassemble anything. In fact, this type of lighting generally plugs into an outlet. So, all you have to do is unplug it to change its location and optimize its use.

In other words, you don't need to hire a professional to install it and remove it from its place. You can treat it perfectly like all your other furniture.

Given their dimensions, you should finally know that our designer LED floor lamps are not at all bulky. It is true that they are placed on the ground, but they take up very little space and they constitute real discreet accessories.

If you are looking for products that save space or optimize space, all you have to do is select them. A small area is enough to place their support. Additionally, they are slim and minimalist type.

Economical lighting

Equipped with new technology, our designer LED floor lamps allow you to make considerable energy savings. First of all, these are auxiliary lighting fixtures. So they don't require a lot of electricity to operate. And since they also have LED bulbs, they only consume a few watts to illuminate your reading corner or your furniture.

Specialists confirm that LED consumes 6 times less energy than traditional bulbs. However, it offers very effective brightness, that is to say very good performance. It also stands out for its unrivaled lifespan. Instead of using 50 incandescent lamps in succession, you can opt for a single LED.

A reliable lamp

Compared to conventional bulbs, especially incandescent bulbs, an LED bulb is up to 20 times more efficient. White LED bulbs, in particular, today have a light output of 100 Lm/W and this is still constantly increasing.

Thus, they illuminate much better than other bulbs. And again, you can choose between cold white, neutral white, warm white or yellow white.

It should be noted that on the FAUVEX pages, all the useful information about each designer LED floor lamp is mentioned in their description. Taking for example the case of the decorative living room floor lamp, we have specified that it is supplied with a 4W LED bulb, that it requires a 230 V power supply and its protection class is I with IP20 protection.

A cheap product

By ordering your designer LED floor lamps from FAUVEX, you can benefit from products with the best value for money. Each of our luminaires actually has good characteristics, while they are not at all expensive.

The original living room floor lamp, for example, is available for only 156 euros and the design floor lamp can be purchased for 169 euros. You can also buy the cheap black floor lamp for only 217.5 euros.

Otherwise, you can turn directly to more interesting models that cost more than 300 euros such as the black LED floor lamp, the white chrome floor lamp, the designer black arc floor lamp, the gray floor lamp, the modern white floor lamp and the interior LED floor lamp.

If you are looking for designer LED floor lamps at reduced prices, you can opt for the black wrought iron model. This can currently be ordered for only 397 euros instead of costing 432 euros. Which allows you to save up to -35%.

Quality services

So, are you convinced to invest in designer LED floor lamps from FAUVEX? In addition to offering you excellent products, we are also committed to providing you with quality services.

You can consult our pages 24/7 to discover our collection and to place your orders. We provide you with an ergonomic site so that you can enjoy a positive visiting experience. Then, we also offer you the possibility of directly adding something to the basket and benefiting from free delivery from 100 euros of purchases.

Among our pluses, there are also rapid returns and exchanges within 14 days, the 3-month FAUVEX guarantee and secure payment with SSL encryption. Many customers have left reviews and testimonials on our offers and our services. So, don't hesitate to consult them to get an idea of ​​our true values.

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