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156 products

156 products

A very beautiful collection of LED pendant lights at FAUVEX

What if you light your home with an LED pendant light? It's one of the must-haves right now when it comes to interior lighting. Not only is it more efficient than traditional lighting fixtures, but it can meet all your expectations.

By opting for the LED pendant lights offered by FAUVEX, you can see that they can make all the difference in your rooms. Our products are decorative, functional, economical and ecological.

Stylish lighting

The LED pendant light from FAUVEX is above all stylish lighting. It can give your room a special atmosphere, since it is not directly stuck to the ceiling and since it can take several shapes.

More or less long LED pendant light, multi-lamp LED pendant light, round LED pendant light, minimalist LED pendant light, ball LED pendant light, Italian design LED pendant light, industrial design LED pendant light, ... There really is something for everyone and for everyone the desires to energize and enhance your interior.

In fact, an LED pendant light from FAUVEX can bring character to your room. It can be a real centerpiece of your decoration if you install it in the right place.

Lighting adaptable to all rooms

What is also advantageous about our LED pendant lights is the fact that they can be placed in any room in the house. Are you looking for an LED pendant light for your dining room? You can find what you’re looking for at FAUVEX.

And the same goes if you want to equip your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom or your office. We provide you with a wide choice of LED pendant lights that can adapt to your needs.

A wide choice of LED pendant lights

Still speaking of variety, the LED pendant lights marketed by FAUVEX are currently available in different colors and materials. There is no shortage of models in neutral colors to help you create a harmonious decoration in your rooms. And you can also find colorful models in our catalog such as the blue feather chandelier, the pink feather chandelier, the blue and red airplane child chandelier and the yellow airplane child chandelier.

If you are aiming to invest in an LED pendant light that can brighten up your room for several years, you can look to our models made from resistant and durable materials.

The cheap old chandelier, for example, is made from better quality metal and silicone. The beautiful chandelier with three long gold lampshades, for its part, is made of metal and acrylic. There is also the gray white light fixture which is made from a new aluminum alloy. And finally, there is the anthracite suspension which is produced with aluminum and silicone.

Lighting equipped with new technology

As its name suggests, the LED pendant light is equipped with an LED bulb. And who says LED generally means high efficiency, energy saving and respect for human health and the environment.

With our LED pendant lights, you can actually benefit from lighting capable of illuminating your entire room and guaranteeing your comfort. Also, you can make considerable energy savings, because LED consumes much less electricity than conventional bulbs.

Furthermore, know that investing in an LED pendant light also means making a good gesture for the planet. You will use bulbs that generate less waste and pollute less.

Unlike conventional bulbs, LED bulbs only need to be replaced very rarely. Specialists have even confirmed that one LED is equivalent to 50 incandescent bulbs. Which is really surprising.

LED pendant lights at attractive prices

Buying an LED pendant light is good, but buying an inexpensive LED pendant light is even better. If you are the type who always considers the price before ordering a product online, you may be satisfied with our offers.

Our LED pendant lights are actually inexpensive. They are offered at very competitive prices so that you are motivated to take them.

However, note that affordable prices do not rhyme with poor quality products. Our LED pendant lights have very good characteristics. They can even be considered high-end lighting or luxury lighting, because they display high performance, impeccable quality and original design.

Original products

Speaking of original design, LED pendant lights from FAUVEX have been thought out and designed by creative and talented craftsmen. They feature impressive details and finishes. Plus, they are far from looking like the classic models you tend to see on the market. Some of them are unique designs, while others are new releases.

In fact, FAUVEX is the best place to shop for products that you are unlikely to find in other stores or from people.

Custom-made adjustable lighting fixtures

The last advantage of the LED suspension to lift is its adjustable nature. Yes, this type of light is equipped with a wire whose height can be adjusted according to your needs. Depending on its position, you can intensify the lighting, making it very directional.

If you decide, for example, to place your LED pendant light in the center of a room, you must respect a minimum height of 1.8 meters, the golden rule being 2.15 meters. If, on the other hand, you wish to position it above a piece of furniture, in particular a dining table or an armchair, you must aim for a height of 30 to 40 cm.


In addition, the LED pendant light has more functions than just lighting your interior. It is the ideal light to personalize and add character to your decoration. Not only can it make your rooms more stylish and user-friendly, but it's good for your health, for your wallet and for the planet.

By choosing LED pendant lights from FAUVEX, you are not likely to be disappointed. We are committed to providing you with very high quality products and services. So you can be sure of complete satisfaction.

So, ready to invest in one, two or more LED pendant lights from FAUVEX? Place your order as soon as possible so as not to miss out on your favorite models.

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