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764 products

764 products

In general, the living room is the centerpiece of a house or apartment. It is also the room in which visitors are received. Therefore, it should be decorated so that it is always welcoming and warm. The Fauvex brand having thought of this, it set up the Living room lighting collection. As its name clearly indicates, this collection manufactures lighting objects designed to be installed in living rooms. In the following lines, we will first make a general presentation of this brand and its collection. Then, we will look at the multiple models of living room lighting. Finally, we will put into practice its advantages and disadvantages.

· General presentation of the Fauvex brand

What is the Fauvex brand?

A French company created for many years, Fauvex is a brand of luminous objects. This sells its factories in several European countries and even extends to other continents. With a capital of €3000, she makes enormous profits. Very different from other companies, it stands out thanks to its original and quite particular products. When we talk about luminous objects, we are referring to chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, etc. These are made with several well-known and diverse materials. These materials are: glass, wood, metal, aluminum, concrete and many others.

Where can Fauvex brand manufacturing be installed?

For decoration lovers, lighting objects from the Fauvex brand are a source of inspiration. These are installed practically everywhere. You can put them in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, entrance hall, downstairs, hallway etc. Some of them are even used to decorate party rooms for prestigious events. We therefore understand that the Fauvex brand contributes to the decoration of several places.

The different collections of the Fauvex brand

To climb the ladder and face the competition, Fauvex had to put together several collections. As numerous as they are, we can still cite a few:

  • Wooden pendant lights: luminous wooden objects are the specialty of this collection. And let us specify that the creations of this one are all suspended in the rooms;
  • Rustic lighting: here, rural lamps and chandeliers are highlighted;
  • Children's bedroom lighting: here, the lamps, chandeliers and ceiling lights all have designs for children. Their installation is directed towards the rooms;
  • Vintage lighting: if you are a fan of old luminous objects, then this collection will certainly please you;
  • Dining room lighting: its name already indicates it. Its products are intended to be installed in dining rooms;
  • Red light: luminous objects all have the color red;
  • White lighting: the products in this collection are refined and are all white in color;
  • Living room lighting: here, the products are intended to be installed in living rooms.

· Presentation of the Living room lighting collection

What is the Living room lighting collection?

The Living room lighting collection was born from the Fauvex brand a few years ago. This manufactures several luminous objects that can be installed in the living room of houses or apartments. However, on its website, we see that it makes the exception for rooms like the kitchen. These objects are as follows: lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, etc.

Note that each of the objects in the Living room lighting collection is original. Without doubt, this originality comes from the fact that some of their creations are made by artisans. They do it by hand and use archaic methods. They are quite similar to the lighting objects found on the traditional market. However, the touch of modernity that is given to them makes it special.

The price of living room lighting manufacturing

Chandeliers, lamps, ceiling lights and others from the Living Room Lighting collection do not have the same price. In fact, this does not come from the fact that these objects are all different. It is the diverse use of materials and the diversity of models that makes this possible. Thus, prices are between €35 and €900.

Payment method with the Living room lighting collection

This collection offers its customers two ways to pay for their order. Thus, they can:

  • Bank card: with this method, you just need to fill out the payment form. It is offered to you during the ordering process on its online sales site
  • Payment agency: 3 agencies are available to you, including Paypal, CB and Klarna

Warranty, return and refund with Living room lighting

The luminous objects that are sold here are new and have never been used. This is why this company offers you a 3-month warranty. However, if your order happens to be defective, you can change it or get a refund. But, this is only possible if you return it 15 days after having it delivered. After that, the company will refund you within 14 days.

Presentation of the online sales site for the Living room lighting collection

The white, black and mustard yellow colors are the ones that stand out on the Living Room Lighting website. At the very top of the site are the name of the brand and that of the collection. After that, the different models of the collection are displayed. Let us point out that there are 2750 models presented and the home page only presents 73. To access the other models it is simple. Simply click on one of the numbers that appear right after these patterns.

· Presentation of the different models in the Living room lighting collection

As we have already said above, the Living room lighting collection includes several models. Among these we can cite:

  • Designer living room wall light: approved by designers, this model will add sparkle to your home;
  • Square living room ceiling light: very elegant, it beautifies your living room and creates a perfect atmosphere;
  • Designer living room lighting: its warm light spreads throughout all the rooms of your house;
  • Living room wall lighting: this model softens the atmosphere of your home
  • Trendy living room lighting: This allows you to enhance the decor of your home.

· Advantages and disadvantages of the Living room lighting collection


  • This collection presents several different models and all unique in their kind
  • It offers a 3-month warranty on all its products.
  • It offers you several ways to pay for your orders
  • Its online sales site does not display advertising


  • It only offers you free delivery if you make purchases greater than or equal to €100
  • The luminous objects in this collection do not have bright colors like red, orange and green

Ultimately, living room lighting from the Fauvex brand is a collection that has many advantages. This allows its customers to have multiple choices regarding its different models. Leader in Europe, it has stood out from other companies thanks to its original and special products. So this is undoubtedly one of the reasons why she is a leader and an inspiration to many people.

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