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3 products

🌿 Natural Chandeliers: Illuminate your home with natural light

When it comes to decorating the rooms in your home, nothing beats the simplicity and exoticism of natural chandeliers 🌱. The products in our LUSTRE FAUVEX collection are created taking into account this special love for nature. A world of natural lighting awaits you, where the word natural takes on its full meaning 🌳.

🌄 Characteristics of Natural Chandeliers

Natural chandeliers showcase, with unique art, the raw beauty of nature 🌳. Their design evokes natural shapes and offers warm and powerful lighting. Each of these hanging chandeliers, made of quality materials such as natural wood, black metal or gold metal, will add originality to your interior. Whether you prefer metal pendants, glass pendants, the industrial style hanging lamp, the chandelier pendant, or the chandelier lamp, we have something to illuminate ☀️ all interior styles.

🕸 The Natural Spider Luster

The beauty of nature is manifested in all its splendor with the Natural Spider Luster. It is a superb pendant light, whose black metal support extends like the legs of a spider. White and transparent bulbs provide high quality LED lighting. With a 5-year warranty, this is a durable chandelier that will bring a touch of boldness to your interior.

🦌 The large Konrad candlestick

The graceful design of the large Konrad candlestick will captivate you with its simplicity and elegance. Nickel-colored metal and brass are skillfully combined with natural-colored fabric lampshades. Whether in a bedroom, a dining room or even as lighting for a dining table, it will create a cozy and soft atmosphere.

🌸 Little Girl Chandelier

The Little Girl Chandelier, with its pink shade and princess motifs, is a perfect light decoration for young girls' rooms. Made with wrought iron, this hanging chandelier features LED technology for an eco-friendly and sustainable light source 🌟.

🌴 Wooden chandeliers

The brown color of nature is elegantly expressed through our range of wooden chandeliers. Each of them, whether it is the Vintage Murano Chandelier, the Antler Chandelier or the Multiple Branch Chandelier, evokes the rustic charm of rustic wooden houses. Their soft light creates a warm atmosphere 👌.

🏩Classic with a twist

Our range of Living Room Chandeliers and Modern Living Room Chandeliers, with their brown glass composition, add a contemporary touch to classic designs. These chandeliers, suitable for both small and large rooms, are beautiful and make a strong statement🔥.

🏡 Where to place these Chandeliers and how to choose them

Every room in your home can accommodate a natural chandelier but they particularly shine in country houses or vintage-style interiors. Wooden chandeliers work well in semi-dark rooms while those with more glass are suitable for brightly lit rooms 💡.

🙌 In the world of Natural Chandeliers

Ultimately, the core of our love for natural chandeliers is the fascination with the purity and beauty of nature 🌿. The chandeliers in our FAUVEX collection echo this love, with varied designs, all inspired by nature. Whether for your country house or to add a rustic touch to your city home, the chandeliers in our collection will satisfy all your desires ✨.

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