Outdoor Floor Lamp

    225 products

    225 products

    Illuminate your Exterior with our Collection of Floor Lamps

    Discover our sublime collection of outdoor lamp posts, your essential partner for outdoor lighting that is both aesthetic and efficient. We have a large stock of options that will meet all your garden lighting needs. FAUVEX offers a diverse selection of styles, models, from classic outdoor floor lamps to modern outdoor floor lamps, so you can find the perfect outdoor lighting fixture for your space.

    Outdoor Street Lamps: A Diverse Choice

    Our outdoor lamp posts are designed to illuminate your exterior while bringing a touch of elegance to your garden. They come in different shapes and sizes, from floor lamps to LED floor lamp models. LED street lights are a popular choice for their longevity and energy efficiency, perfect for extended use throughout the night.

    The Colors and Materials of Our Floor Lamps

    Outdoor post lights may vary in color to better match your outdoor decor. The black exterior floor lamp is a great option for a chic and modern look. On the other hand, the white exterior floor lamp gives a softer and contemporary look to your space. Outdoor LED street lights are available in metal and steel for maximum durability.

    Enjoy Free Shipping and Bulb Included

    Our garden lamps are illuminated by a bulb included with every purchase. Shipping is free, opening the door to a hassle-free online shopping experience. If you are looking for a garden lamp, we also have an impressive selection available for you. Whatever the scale of your outdoor lighting project, we have the right solutions.

    Outdoor Solar Street Lights: An Eco-Responsible Option

    The collection also includes solar outdoor street lights. These street lights work with solar LED technology, an eco-responsible option that uses the sun to recharge the street lights. Some of these solar street lights even come equipped with a motion sensor for maximum convenience and safety.

    Candelabra and Bollard Lighting Lamps

    For those looking to add nostalgic charm to their space, our candelabra floor lamps are a great choice. These multi-armed fixtures add a touch of elegance to your garden while providing an abundance of light.

    Bollard lighting is another great option for efficient outdoor lighting. These light posts are commonly used to illuminate driveways and pathways. Our collection includes bollard lights in a variety of styles and materials, including LED bollard lights.

    Outdoor Steel Street Lights: A Robust Option

    We also offer outdoor street lamps with a straight steel design. These models offer a modern look while being exceptionally durable. Outdoor steel post lights are perfect for those looking for a sturdy, durable option.

    Take advantage of our Special Offers on Outdoor Street Lamps

    Whether you're reading a book in the shade of your garden or enjoying an evening under the stars, our outdoor lamp posts will provide you with the lighting you need. We offer a range of outdoor lamp posts to suit all tastes and budgets. With a variety of designs from garden lantern style to a modern floor lamp, we have the outdoor lighting you need.

    Finally, don't forget to check out our special offers for discounts and great deals on outdoor post lights. Whether you are looking for a garden lamp or an outdoor lighting fixture, you are sure to find the best outdoor lamp post deal with us.

    Browse Our Collection and Find Your Ideal Outdoor Floor Lamp

    As you browse our collection of outdoor lamp posts, you will find outdoor lamp posts of all kinds, from floor lamps to LED lamp posts. We hope you enjoy your online shopping with us, and we look forward to helping you transform your outdoor space into a magical and welcoming place with our outdoor lighting fixtures.

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    FAQs about Outdoor Street Lights

    Do all your outdoor street lights come with a bulb included?

    Yes, all of our garden lamps are illuminated with a bulb included with every purchase. For more varieties of lighting, check out our outdoor lighting collection.

    Do you offer free shipping on all floor lamps?

    Absolutely ! We offer free delivery on orders over 100 euros to ensure you have a hassle-free online shopping experience.

    What types of outdoor street lights do you offer?

    We offer a variety of outdoor post lights, ranging from classic to modern styles. If you are looking for other types of lighting for your exterior, discover our exterior ceiling lights .

    Do you offer other types of outdoor lighting?

    Yes, apart from floor lamps, we also have a range of outdoor pendant lights and outdoor wall lights to beautify your space.

    I'm looking for more portable lighting solutions for my garden, do you have any suggestions?

    Of course! Explore our collection of outdoor lights for portable and stylish options.