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865 products

865 products

Explore Our Extensive Range of Outdoor Lighting

As soon as dusk embraces day, the crucial role of a well-chosen outdoor lighting fixture becomes evident. It's not just about lighting specific areas; it's about transforming your garden or terrace into a nighttime haven. Imagine the delicate glow of solar lights highlighting the contours of an elegant facade, or the flicker of LED spotlights scattered among the foliage, creating a dance of living light and shadow. Our selection includes innovative outdoor lighting solutions for all applications: from LED street lights that mark the entry path in an energy-efficient way, to wall lights that add a touch of sophistication to your exterior walls.

Safety is never compromised with our assortment of motion sensor-equipped spotlights , which combine convenience and energy efficiency. These lights automatically illuminate when they detect a presence, providing not only enhanced security but also a warm welcome to your visitors. Whether you want to illuminate an area for practical reasons or simply for viewing pleasure, our diverse range of outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to enhance every aspect of your outdoor space while meeting the requirements of durability and functionality .

Browse our selection and discover outdoor lighting design pieces that blend harmoniously into the natural landscape or stand out as artistic elements in their own right. From high-performance LED projectors to illuminate your facades, to garden lamps creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, we have everything you need to extend the beauty of your evenings outside.

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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: A Distinguished and Eco-responsible Choice

Landscape lighting does more than just illuminate, it sculpts the darkness using subtle shades of light to reveal the natural splendor of your garden. Our low-voltage landscape lighting solutions transcend the conventional approach, favoring safe installation and a minimal energy footprint . Low voltage systems are ideal for creating paths of light that will wind through flower beds and pathways, whilst keeping your outdoor spaces safe .

The LED bulbs that equip our outdoor lighting fixtures are the heart of this energy saving, offering powerful and long-lasting brightness without the exorbitant energy costs. Each fixture is designed to project an ideal color temperature , whether you are looking for a warm ambiance with warm white , or maximum light efficiency with cool white . These hues are carefully chosen to highlight the colors and textures of the nightscape, providing the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Opt for our low-voltage lighting solutions and commit to an ecological approach without sacrificing the quality or beauty of your outdoor lighting. From subtle garden lighting to powerful LED floodlights , create a luminous backdrop that enriches your environment and your experience outside, every night.

A Vast Palette of Lights, Lamps and Bulbs to Beautify Your Exterior

Our carefully curated catalog is a true kaleidoscope of outdoor lighting options. It ranges from sophisticated wall lights to discreet recessed spotlights , including autonomous solar lamps , for a personalized lighting arrangement. For specific replacement needs, we have specialized exterior lamps , designed to integrate and revitalize your existing installations, in accordance with the technical terms of the field.

Our solutions are designed to integrate harmoniously into your project, whether it is accent lighting to highlight details, path lighting to guide your steps, or architectural lighting to reveal the structural beauty of your space. Each option is chosen for its ability to complement and enhance the aesthetics of your landscape.

Whether your quest is for captivating decorative lighting or an energy-efficient system to bathe your garden in soft light, our varied range is at your disposal. From elegantly designed bollard lights to festive string lights , each item is designed to endure the vagaries of the weather while bringing timeless elegance to your patio garden . Take advantage of our table lamps and our outdoor floor lamps to create a bright sanctuary where you can gather for moments of relaxation under the stars.

Immerse yourself in the Universe of Our Exquisite Selection of Designer Outdoor Lighting

Browse beyond our traditional range and let yourself be seduced by our special collection of designer outdoor lighting, a true hymn to the fusion of style and functionality. Each piece in our designer collection is carefully crafted to transform your outdoor space into a magical backdrop. We invite you to explore these gems of creativity, where each light fixture is not just a lighting fixture, but a true work of art that creates ambiance and magnifies your outdoor space with unparalleled elegance.

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FAQs about Our Outdoor Lighting

What is the difference between a ceiling light and an outdoor pendant light?

An outdoor ceiling light is attached directly to the ceiling and evenly illuminates the space below, while an outdoor pendant hangs from the ceiling, often using a chain or cable, to focus the light on a specific area and add a vertical decorative element.

How do I choose an outdoor wall light suitable for my space?

Choosing an outdoor wall light depends on several factors, such as the style of your space, the amount of light needed, and weather resistance. Consider the design that will complement your exterior and the functionality required, for example, directional or ambient lighting.

Are all outdoor lights weatherproof?

All of our outdoor lights are designed to withstand outdoor elements. However, their resistance level may vary. It is important to check product specifications to ensure they match the environment in which they will be used.

What type of outdoor lamp post would be best for my driveway?

To illuminate a pathway, an outdoor lamp post with 360-degree lighting is ideal for evenly distributed light. Also consider solar-powered street lights for an energy-efficient, self-sufficient option.

Is it difficult to install outdoor recessed spotlights?

Installing outdoor recessed spotlights may require more work, as they must be integrated into the floor or walls. It is often recommended to call a professional to ensure a secure installation that complies with electrical standards.

What are the advantages of LED outdoor lighting?

LED lighting offers many benefits for outdoor spaces, including reduced energy consumption, long bulb life, and excellent resistance to temperature changes and shock. Additionally, LEDs offer a diverse range of color temperatures to suit different lighting needs.