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    9 products

    🎨 What lighting colors to choose?

    Interior design and decoration includes choosing a variety of elements. These include storage accessories for the bedroom, bedding and also designer lighting such as chandeliers and lampshades. In particular, red colored pendant lights can bring a cozy warmth to any space. Choices for these fixtures include industrial design options, black metal, chrome or nickel models and even glass and acrylic pendants. However, choosing the latter is a bit tricky. So how do you choose the right red pendant light, resplendent like a lamp to place on the dining table 🤔? Discover some tips in this article.

    🌡️ What is the color temperature in living rooms?

    Light is an integral part of interior decoration🎇. The color temperature of the lighting, warm like an LED bulb or cool, will determine the ambiance of the dining room. A Scandinavian style, for example, suggests the use of hanging lamps that are both modern and minimalist. For a cozy space, you can place a designer pendant light in a corner of the living room, or opt for light pendant lights and pendant lights for the entire room. For a very decorative, bohemian-style space, choose table lamps in almost strong colors like the red pendant light, which will warm up the room.

    🔴 Red Pendant Lamp: Warmth and elegance

    Let's talk about the central element of our approach: Red light. Whether you opt for a metal pendant light, a ceiling light, or a chandelier, the lush red color always brings a burst of warmth, elegance and modernity 💎. In particular, our industrial style, with an original and unique design, does not fail to make an impact in all interiors.🏘️ This is the irresistible charm of red in interior decoration!

    🖤 ​​Which colors absorb the most light?

    Dark colors absorb light, that’s a fact! This includes natural and artificial lights. So, to obtain the best lighting and reduce shadow areas, you can choose lights that are sufficiently powerful without being too harsh, thanks to our wide range of LED bulbs.

    💡 Understand the color reflection and light reflection values ​​of paint

    Here we get into the technical details of lighting. Light colors have high reflectance. This means that they reflect a large part of the light they receive. This is why the contrast of a red pendant light with white walls can provide soft and warm lighting for a welcoming atmosphere. And this is our goal with our red pendant lights: to create a pleasant atmosphere thanks to modern design, quality materials such as brass and black metal, and above all, soft lighting with our LED bulbs. 🌟

    🔥 Adopt red with our pendant lights

    Of course, a red pendant light creates a center of attention. Whether it is red designer pendant lights above the dining table, a red bedside lamp for the bedroom or a pendant light for the living room, the result is always breathtaking. So don't wait any longer, light up your home 🏠 with our red pendant lights and create the warm and glamorous atmosphere you dream of.

    Also discover our black pendant lights for a striking contrast with the red. 🖤❤️

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