Vintage Chandelier

451 products

451 products

🌟 Vintage Chandeliers Collection: Lighting for Elegant Homes🏡💡

Do you aspire to perfect your space with the ultimate vintage furniture? Don't leave him in the shadows. Illuminate every room with a vintage chandelier from our exceptional collection.💡

Our selection includes everything from famous brands like Trio, to a variety of budget-friendly pieces in every style. Sparkle your space with an Art Deco lamp 💎 or add a touch of elegance with a Fauvex glass chandelier. For simplicity, try modern Scandinavian lighting. 🇸🇪


Whether you are a fan of retro, baroque, modern, or you like a mix of styles, our vintage lighting will suit your preferences.🌟

If you have a penchant for the retro look 🕰, choose from our vintage lighting options in vibrant hues.🔮 Match painted furniture and soft furnishings like rugs, cushions and throws to the color of your large chandelier or your pendant lamp.

Do you prefer more pure and refined styles? Pair our minimalist chandeliers with the simple lines of your Scandinavian furniture or mid-century modern styles. Place a designer chandelier above a sideboard for the ultimate blend of functionality and style.🌈


With our online store, you can choose your new lighting from the comfort of your home. At Fauvex, you support small local businesses and help save precious vintage lamps from the landfill.💖

💎Our vintage chandelier collection

Discover unique pieces among our Vintage Chandelier collection. Whether you are looking for a black metal chandelier, a metal pendant light, a pendant chandelier, an industrial style chrome ceiling light or an industrial design desk lamp, we have it you need. 🏮

🌟Vintage Chandeliers for every room

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with our pendant lights. For a dining room, opt for our baroque-style crystal chandelier, or for an LED ceiling light for soft, soothing light. Immerse your bedroom in a cozy atmosphere by choosing from our designer pendant lights or our black metal chandelier. 🎑

💡 An LED bulb for your vintage lighting

Don't forget the importance of the light bulb! We offer a wide selection of LED bulbs to accompany your vintage chandelier, combining energy saving and vintage aesthetics.🌿

If you are looking for a White Chandelier , you will also find a unique selection in our store. Take advantage of our promotions, free delivery, and find the chandelier of your dreams at a reduced price! 🎁 Discover our entire range of vintage chandeliers, and make your interior shine! 💡🏡🌟

If this collection has captured your attention, then you will certainly be seduced by our collection of Dining Room Chandeliers which will surely amaze your dining space.