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1739 products

1739 products

High-quality and inexpensive wall lighting at Fauvex

Discover our collection of wall lighting! As a lighting specialist, we actually dedicate a separate section to wall lights. Our products stand out for their quality, design, reliability and affordable price. They are made by professionals from good materials and they come in different models to adapt to your needs.

You can find both interior wall lights and exterior wall lights in our catalog. Then, you can also choose between different materials and colors: brown wood, transparent glass, black metal, white and gray marble, etc.

What are the advantages of Fauvex wall lighting?

Fauvex wall lights have everything to seduce. Not only are they of better quality, but they are also decorative, functional and inexpensive.

Better quality wall lights

Our wall lights actually have all the characteristics of a high-end light fixture. These are generally lights made with well-considered, resistant and durable materials. Therefore, they are not subject to wear and tear and can illuminate your rooms for many years.

Designer and decorative wall lighting

Our wall lights are also beautiful and decorative. They can add character to your interior or exterior decoration. They can even complement your decorative items. Then, they can also help you display a particular style or atmosphere in your rooms.

The glass wall light , for example, can bring a luxurious touch to your living room or bedroom. And the same goes for the crystal wall light and the marble wall light . These lights are also very elegant. Steel and black metal wall sconces, on the other hand, are industrial style and gold wall sconces are contemporary style.

Functional wall lights

Furthermore, you should know that Fauvex wall lighting is particularly reliable. They are equipped with efficient bulbs capable of diffusing good light. They typically use the walls they hang on to reflect their light. Which transforms them into sources of light and allows you to illuminate your entire room.

Again, it should be noted that our wall lights are not just functional. They can also highlight the architecture.

Space-saving wall lights

What is also advantageous with our wall lights is the fact that they are not bulky. Given their small size, they do not require much space on your walls. They are, in fact, discreet and allow you to optimize wall space as well as floor space and furniture space.

At a time when Parisians live on average in 3m² less than 10 years ago, we can consider that this is a strong argument for wall lighting.

Wall lights compatible with any space

The other advantage of our wall lighting is also the fact that they adapt to all environments. You can find models for living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, entrance and hallway at Fauvex. You can also choose between different models of outdoor wall lights to install on a terrace, on the facade, in a garden, next to the swimming pool, etc.

Our products are even suitable for businesses, shops and places that welcome the public. And you can order them to replace your old lighting fixtures or to equip your empty walls.

Affordable wall lights

Finally, it should be noted that Fauvex wall lights are not expensive. You can find items on sale and also items offered for less than 100 euros. In fact, our wall lights are available from 20 euros, but you should hurry to order them, as they are generally limited stock products.

This is also why there is a “sold out” mark at the bottom of some wall lights. At Fauvex, the best sellers are all items as a whole.

How to find the best wall lights?

To successfully purchase a wall light from Fauvex, we advise you to consider the following criteria.

The room to equip

First, determine where you are going to install the wall light . Do you want to mount it in one of your interior rooms or are you considering mounting it outside. The design, reliability and resistance of the wall light mainly depend on it.

An outdoor model must be more efficient and more resistant than an indoor model, since it must illuminate a larger space and at the same time, it must also withstand different kinds of attacks.

The characteristics of the wall light

To choose a wall light , you must also take into account its characteristics. Fauvex provides a small tab dedicated to the description in each product sheet. So, do not hesitate to consult it to find out the manufacturing material, color, dimensions, type of bulb and any particularities of each wall light.

Also take a quick look in the guarantees and customer reviews tab to find out the delivery conditions, guarantees offered and customer returns. Finally, view the images published for illustration on our pages to find answers to your questions and to get a small preview of the appearance of each product.

The type of light

Furthermore, nothing prevents you from opting for a Fauvex wall light which diffuses indirect light. This is able to offer you its full potential, even if it does not allow you to see the light source when you are in the room. It can also create a bright atmosphere while guaranteeing good visual comfort.

The efficiency and durability of the bulb

Regarding the wall light bulb, you must choose an efficient and durable model. Not only should it be able to light up the room, but it should be unbreakable and durable. If possible, also choose a replaceable bulb, because wall lights with fixed bulbs should be thrown away as soon as their bulb shows the slightest problem.

User taste and preference

When choosing your Fauvex wall light , don't hesitate to treat yourself. Make your lifelong dream come true of installing an original and designer wall light on your wall.

Make your choice based on your tastes and preferences, because this is an opportunity for you to bring out your imagination and have equipment that reflects your personality. When you are satisfied with it, you can find your happiness.

The price of the wall light

The last criterion to raise is the price of the wall light . In general, Fauvex products offer good value for money. But still, we suggest that you carry out a little price comparison before making a decision to benefit from inexpensive wall lights.

You can also take an interest in Fauvex lighting on sale to benefit from attractive price reductions on good items.


In addition, you do not risk leaving Fauvex empty-handed. Our products, particularly our wall lighting, can perfectly meet your expectations. We are also committed to providing you with quality services in order to give you complete satisfaction. Then, we never stop releasing new products to adapt to new market trends.

By purchasing your lighting from Fauvex, you will not be disappointed. It is even sure that you will come back to place more orders, because our products may surprise you. So, don't wait any longer! Browse our catalog of wall lighting, select the products suited to your needs and add them to the cart!

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