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484 products

White lighting not only evokes serenity and purity, but also luminosity, radiance, and sophistication. The Luminaire Blanc collection from Fauvex, a specialist in French lighting, represents this perfect harmony. Combining the black metal of industrial style with the shine of chrome, each pendant light, whether a metal pendant or an elegant floor lamp, is an ode to refined interior design.

The Fauvex brand: The flagship of French designer lighting

At the heart of the Fauvex brand lies an unwavering passion for the art of lighting design. Ranging from ultra-modern LED spotlights to sophisticated ceiling lights in brass or nickel, each creation reflects unrivaled expertise. Each lamp, whether an elegant table lamp, an airy pendant or a subtle wall light, is the product of a harmonious fusion between traditional French craftsmanship and current design trends. Our lighting, carefully crafted from materials such as glass, precious wood, or robust aluminum, are vibrant witnesses to Fauvex's commitment to offering excellence to its customers.

But the beauty of Fauvex does not stop at the White Luminaire collection alone. We delve into the abundance of design to offer unprecedented stylistic variety. Whether you are seduced by the timeless charm of rustic, the nostalgic elegance of vintage, or the opulence of baroque style, Fauvex has something specially designed for you. Imagine the soft luminosity of an LED bulb filtered through a finely cut crystal lampshade, or the refined silhouette of a contemporary pendant light - every detail, every nuance is designed to enhance and magnify the beauty of your interior space.

Fauvex White Lighting: Ode to luminous elegance

Emerging like a luminous vision, our White Lighting collection offers dazzling diversity, from the meticulously crafted designer lamp to the bold contemporary floor lamp. Whether it's infusing calming serenity into your bedroom with a delicate bedside lamp or captivating eyes with a sculptural industrial pendant light in your living space, this collection is a treasure trove of lighting options.

Through each piece in this range, a common thread emerges: the harmonious alliance of functionality with aesthetics. Innovative, energy-efficient LED lighting blends perfectly with the timeless warmth of filament bulbs, giving each space an aura and brightness suited to its character.

Price range for the White Luminaire collection

The diversity of our White Lighting collection is also reflected in our price scale. Whether you are seduced by the simplicity of a discreet spotlight, the modernity of an energy-efficient LED bulb, or the opulence of a refined blown glass chandelier, our price range, extending from €30 to €1000 €, aims to meet every budget without compromising the superior quality promised by Fauvex.

Fauvex excellence: A guarantee of quality and longevity

Our promise goes beyond simple aesthetics. Behind each piece, from the most minimalist LED pendant light to the elegant brass floor lamp, lies a guarantee of robustness, luminous efficiency and timeless modernity. At Fauvex, each luminaire is rigorously tested, ensuring premium lighting that will stand the test of time.

Enhance every space with our lighting

From the intimate dining room to the professional office, including welcoming hallways, the Fauvex Luminaire Blanc collection is your ideal lighting companion. Our diverse and refined range offers everything from discreet wall lights to designer pendant lights, ensuring that every corner of your home shines brightly according to your vision.

Embrace the Fauvex light now

Immerse yourself in the elegant world of Fauvex with our White Lighting collection. Browse our site to find the lighting fixture that resonates with you or seek help from our experts to inform your choices. Because at Fauvex, we believe that every room, every space, deserves to be enhanced by the splendor of an exceptional lighting fixture.

If your passion for lighting doesn't stop there, let yourself be seduced by our natural lighting fixtures . And for those looking for a chromatic explosion, our Blue Lighting collection will bring a new artistic nuance to your interior.

White light fixture

FAQs about the Fauvex White Lighting Collection

Why choose the Fauvex white lighting collection?

The Fauvex White Lighting collection embodies the very essence of serenity, purity and sophistication. Each product is carefully designed to provide a balance between functionality and aesthetics, bringing a touch of modern elegance to any interior.

Is the White Lighting collection suitable for all types of rooms?

Absolutely. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, dining room or any other room, our collection was created to fit and enhance every space in your home.

What types of materials are used in this collection?

Our fixtures are made from a variety of high-quality materials such as glass, wood, aluminum and metal, reflecting Fauvex's commitment to excellence and sustainability.

How to maintain products from the White Lighting collection?

It is recommended to clean your lights regularly with a soft, dry cloth. For more stubborn stains or marks, a slightly damp cloth with lukewarm water can be used. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the finish.

Does the White Lighting collection offer energy-efficient lighting options?

Yes, the collection offers energy-efficient LED lighting options, combining efficiency and elegance for optimal lighting while reducing energy consumption.

What is the return policy for this collection?

At Fauvex, we offer the possibility of returning your order within 14 days if you are not completely satisfied. The products must be returned in their original condition and with all their accessories.

Is there a guarantee on products from the White Lighting collection?

Yes, each product in our White Lighting collection benefits from a 3-month warranty. Our commitment is to guarantee customer satisfaction by offering products of the highest quality.

What is the difference between a chandelier and a pendant light?

A chandelier is typically a larger, more ornate fixture with multiple branches or lights. It is often associated with more traditional design and can be a focal point in a room. A pendant light, on the other hand, hangs from the ceiling with a single light source and generally has a more streamlined and modern design.

Which chandelier to put in a living room?

The choice of chandelier for a living room depends on the size of the room and the style of decoration. For a spacious living room, an imposing chandelier can be a great choice to add a touch of elegance. For a more modern style, opt for a chandelier with clean lines and contemporary materials.

Which pendant light for a small living room?

For a small living room, it is preferable to choose a pendant light that does not visually clutter the space. A pendant light with a sleek design, lightweight materials and a clear light source can help visually expand the room.

What are the different types of lighting fixtures?

There are several types of lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants, ceiling lights, wall sconces, table lamps, table lamps , and floor lamps . Each type has its own use and is suitable for different spaces and lighting needs.

Which light to provide good lighting?

The choice of light fixture depends on the room and its use. For a kitchen, recessed spotlights or pendant lights above the worktops are ideal. For a living room, a mix of light sources, such as a central chandelier with accent lamps, provides versatile lighting.

What color light fixture should I choose?

The color of the light fixture should complement the decor of the room. Neutral tones like white, gray or black are versatile. However, to add a pop of color, a light fixture in bright or pastel shades can be a great choice.

Which white lights up the most?

“Cold” or “daylight” white is the one that illuminates the most. It produces bright, clear light, ideal for workspaces or rooms requiring good visibility.

Which light to choose white or yellow?

The choice between white and yellow light depends on the desired ambiance. White provides bright, clear light, ideal for the kitchen or office. Yellow, or “warm” light, creates a cozy and warm atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or living rooms.

What is the brightest color?

In the visible spectrum, yellow is often considered the brightest color, especially when compared to darker colors. However, in terms of lighting, white light is generally perceived to be brighter.