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Attached to the ceiling, the ceiling light is an electric lighting device. This is used more and more in homes, which means that it is fashionable. In order to follow the fashion and satisfy the needs of customers, Fauvex has made a resolution. She created the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection. Therefore, in our article we will first give a very detailed presentation of this brand and its collection. Next, we will look at the different models of bedroom ceiling lights. Finally, we will highlight its advantages and disadvantages.

· General presentation of the Fauvex brand

What is the Fauvex brand?

French company founded several years ago, Fauvex is a brand manufacturing luminous objects. These are sold in several European countries. More so, it extends outside of this continent and delivers to every country around the world. These different objects are made with several materials. We can cite: wood, metal, glass, bamboo, concrete etc. This company has a capital of €3000, but the profits it makes each year are enormous.

Where can Fauvex brand manufacturing be installed?

Let us first note that the various objects manufactured by the Fauvex brand have an impact on several people. For decoration lovers, they have become a source of inspiration. Other people will tell you that they bring softness to their home. These can be installed anywhere. In the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, their installation is perfect. They are even used to decorate party rooms for prestigious events. Some of them are used for home security. The Red Luminaire collection is precisely suited to this.

The different collections of the Fauvex brand

Fauvex has more than ten collections of luminous objects to its credit. However, we can list a few:

  • Wooden pendant light: this collection is intended for the manufacture of wooden lighting fixtures. The majority of these are suspended in the rooms;
  • Children's bedroom lighting: this one manufactures chandeliers, lamps and ceiling lights with designs for children;
  • Rustic lighting: fan of the countryside? This collection manufactures rural lamps and chandeliers,
  • White lighting: very sophisticated, the luminous objects here are white in color;
  • Bedroom ceiling light: here, what is highlighted are the ceiling lights. Their installation is directed towards the rooms.

· Presentation of the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection

What is the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection?

The Bedroom Ceiling Light collection was created thanks to the Fauvex brand. As its name clearly indicates, the installation of its products is directed towards the rooms of a home. However, we notice on its website that other pieces are part of the collection. For example, we have rooms such as: the living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc. Obviously, the lighting object that is highlighted here is the ceiling light. Several materials are used for their manufacture. We therefore include bamboo, wood, metal, glass, etc.

Many of the objects in this collection are made in a very particular way. Indeed, those made of bamboo and wood are made by artisans. They make them by hand and use archaic methods. It is undoubtedly this reason that makes this collection so special and original.

The price of creations from the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection

First of all, we must point out that with this collection you can have it delivered for free. However, you must make purchases greater than or equal to €100. Concerning the prices of the luminous objects in this collection, they are diverse. In reality, prices do not only contain that of the product. It also includes those for packaging, conservation, as well as handling costs. Thus, prices are between €30 and €900.

Payment method with bedroom ceiling light

With the Fauvex brand, you have several options to pay for your items from the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection. These means are as follows:

  • By credit card : on its online sales site, a form is offered to you. It occurs when you are in the process of ordering a product. Therefore, to pay you just need to fill out the payment form
  • By payment agency : here, 03 agencies are offered to you. So we have: Paypal, CB, Klarna

Warranty, returns and refunds with the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection

With this collection, absolutely all lighting objects are sold with a 03-month warranty. This warranty is offered because all of these products are self-made, which means they are all new. If you happen to have a problem with one of your orders, you can return it. To do this, you must provide proof of its failure. Then you must return the product within 14 days. We count from the day you had it delivered. It is important to note that this return is at your expense. Depending on your choice, the company will refund you or change your order. This process is also done within 14 days.

Presentation of the bedroom ceiling collection website

First of all, when you open the link to your site, you are struck by the colors. Quite distinct, its different colors are white, black and orange. Then, we directly notice the name of the brand and that of the collection. Just below these are 579 models of Bedroom Ceiling Lights. Note that there are 75 models on the home page. The rest of the model is therefore on the other pages. To access it, you must click on one of the numbers that appears below them. When you click on a template, it takes you directly to another page. This contains several information about it, and it gives a description of the model chosen.

· The different models of the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection

The Bedroom Ceiling Light collection includes 579 models , and among them, we can cite:

  • Bamboo rattan lighting : modern, elegant, this model is a combination of style and comfort;
  • Bamboo : its different contrasts give its light a charm that emanates throughout the room;
  • White dining room ceiling light : this one has the ability to create a good mood at any time;
  • Ceiling pendant light : this model is perfect for modern homes;
  • Ceiling light with 03 round spots : this can be installed anywhere, particularly in homes, offices, pharmacies, etc.

· Advantages and disadvantages of the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection


  • 03 month warranty on all its products
  • Delivery all over the world
  • Diversity of models
  • Absence of advertising on its online sales site
  • You have the option of returning the product and getting a refund.


  • This company only offers free delivery if you make purchases of €100
  • It is the customer who pays money to return the order

In conclusion, the Bedroom Ceiling Light collection from the Fauvex brand has several models. These are incredibly original and some are even handmade. The prices being all affordable, several social classes have the possibility of affording a piece. This collection having participated in the evolution of this company, the Fauvex brand is today a leader. She is counted among the best and receives orders from several countries around the world.